Thursday, August 23, 2012

Of Characters and Quotes

     I have many favorite literary characters, and one of my very favorites is the wizard Howl.
Howl makes his great appearance in Dianna Wynne Jone's marvelous book, Howl's moving Castle.

     Howl is arrogant, handsome (that comes from his many beautifying potions), and a very attatched to his spiders. When young miss Sophie is cursed to be in an old woman's body, she seeks out the the wizard who could possibly change her back to her normal self. Unfortunately, one part of the curse does not allow her to tell anyone of her sad condition. But Howl, being the wizard that he is, knows right away she is under a spell of some kind. He allows her to stay in his castle, and Sophie experiences first-hand just how annoying wizards can be.
     But, there is a side to Howl that he does not often show. A side without pride, and quick-wit; a side that would do anything to keep his family safe.
That's all I will tell you for now! To find out more, you must read Howl's Moving Castle yourself!
Here is how I pictured Howl. (yes, it's Tom Hiddleston, but he really is the perfect Howl! quit laughing Christie)


And  one of my favorite quotes from Howl: "Yes, you are nosy. You're a dreadfully nosy, horribly bossy, appallingly clean old woman. Control yourself. You're victimizing us all."

So there you have it. Howl as one of my very favorite literary characters.

<3 Clara

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  1. HAH in your opinion that man is perfect for everything!! ;) (ahem. I was laughing. Stop this mind reading at once, please)