Monday, August 13, 2012

The Night of Mahina and the Great Beetle War

"Mahina! Mahina is coming!"

    It was those words that sucked me into a night of great boredom, and great war. I was just stumbling sleeplessly back to my bedroom at 2:30 one drab night, when I saw a light peeping through underneath Anna's door.
Just my luck. I thought, She can't sleep either.
    So I cracked open Anna's door and poked my head inside. "Mahina! Mahina is coming!" Anna paused what she was watching on her iPad and looked over at me, grinning.
"Clara, come in here. You're gonna LOVE this."
So I did as my big sister told me.
 And, as any little sister would, completely trusted her big sister to show me something that was worth my while. Once in the bed, Anna rewound and pushed play. The first shot is a rock. Suddenly, a little girl pops up from behind the rock and yells, "Mahina! Mahina is coming!" in an Australian accent. Various other girls pop up yelling the same thing, ands I was so wrapped up in trying to figure out why I would "love" this, I didn't realize Anna trembling with laughter beside me. As it turns out, Mahina is a mermaid. And trust me, I have seen much better mermaids than her.
The video gets turned off before I even get five minutes into it.
Anna has composed herself by now, and is grinning slyly at me. "I got you."
    Big sisters.
    Ahem, moving on...
After about an hour of surfing youtube, we are finally ready to go to sleep. The lights go out, and we are both lying very, very still. I begin to drift into that wonderful state of half sleep (where you don't know how wonderful it is until you are awakened, which is exactly what happened to me). Scratch, thump! Something lands on my leg and I fling the covers off me and pull my knees up to my chin. "Somethings in the bed, Anna!" I hissed.
"Smfs in bed?"
"Yes! What do I do, Anna? What do I do?!"
You must understand that I was still half asleep.
"Get out of bed and turn on the light!" She was awake now, and none too happy about it. So, I get out of bed and turn on the light.
There wasn't anything in the bed, and, after floofing the covers and looking under my pillow, Anna is eyeing me with a you-just-imagined-it-go-back-to-sleep look. But never let it be said that Clara was one to just give up. Oh no.
Especially when there's the possibility of a roach being involve.
As it turns out, there was no roach. Just a big black beetle down by the bed skirt. I flipped it over and it didn't move. "Oh." I said, "It's dead."
The lights went back out and I crawled in bed.
Minutes pass...
 "Ohmygoodness Clara there's something flying into me!" Anna's frantic shrieks only woke me partially. But I was awake enough to know that my prognosis of the black beetle had been incorrect. I guess I won't ever be a doctor. Then on came those acursed lights. "Come here you bad little thing." That was Anna, talking to the black beetle. He was thrown outside and the lights were once again turned out. Thankfully, that was the conclusion to The Night of Mahina and the Great Beetle War.

    You can see the official Mahina is Coming video right here

I leave you with these wise words. Never trust a big sister.

<3 Clara



  1. HAHAHHAHA this is brilliant. I love y'all. Watch out for beetles and OH YEAH ticks!