Saturday, September 8, 2012

Matt Cruise and Kate de Vries

     It's time for another Character's and Quotes post! Since I missed last weeks, I've decided to do not one, but two of my favorite characters. And guess what? They are both from the same book!

                                               A cabin boy, an heiress, and a
                                              stunning adventure on an air-
                                                 ship high in the sky...

     Airborn is one of my very, very, VERY favorite books. The book presents the question: what if airplanes had never been invented? Air baloons and blimps would simply have to take their place. This marvelous book takes place in the 1920's, and follows the adventures of the height defying cabin boy, Matt Cruise.
     Matt finds himself at the helm of his family at twelve (maybe older. it's been a while since I've read the book!) years of age, and all he wants to do is take care of them. We first see Matt working as a cabin boy on the prestiegous airliner that is the size of  the Titanic, at fifteen years of age. He is hard working, very brave, and respected by the rest of the crew. But when he rescues a dying old man who claims to have seen fantastical "winged creatures", Matt just thinks he's a bit crazed. Then Matt reads the man's journal.
     He finds perfectly constructed drawings of bat-like creatures and goes to see the old man one last time.
     "Kate...would have loved them." Those were the last words of the old explorer, and Matt decides to forget the whole experience...until the rather shocking arrival of the beautiful, spunky, and determined heiress Kate de Vries.
     A airship full of viscious pirates, an island that is not what it seems, and an unlikely romance all make this book completely unforgettable. Kenneth Oppel is a true mastermind when it comes to these wonderful tales! Matt Cruise and Kate de Vries have two other amazing adventures in Skybreaker, and Starclimber.

     Here's how I pictured Matt.

Callan McAuliffe. He's been in two awesome movies, I am Number Four, and Flipped; and he's been great in both of them. He is my perfect immage of Matt Cruise.

And my image of the spunky Kate....

Emma Roberts. She looks the perfect Kate, but I don't know if she could act like the perfect Kate.

Here's a great quote from both of them: "Honestly," she sighed. "I don't know what kind of life we'll have together, with me flying off in one direction and you in the other."
     I smiled. "It's a good thing the world's round." I said.

There are this weeks favorite characters. The calm, sweet, cabin boy Matt, and the wild, determined Kate.

Don't forget about Wednesday's story!

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  1. I love the quote! That book sounds very intriguing; what are the winged creatures? Any hints?

    1. Ha ha ha! No, I'm afraid that would spoil it all:) but, they are at the Library, and I really think you would enjoy them! Christie and Molly too. No curse words other than "d" and "h" I think...

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