Monday, September 17, 2012

Part 3

     Here's the next part! So sorry about the wait...I'm really considering not calling it Wednesday's Story anymore! I hope you enjoy it.

Herron left Ira gaping at the three signs hanging in the clearing, and went to stand beside her borderline.
“Ira?” Her head whipped around when she heard her name. “Are you coming? Your world awaits you.” He held his arms out wide and bowed dramatically.
“What- now?” She looked at him as if he had just sprouted another head; and not a very attractive one at that. Herron sighed.  
“What is it now?”
“Is this Tolkien the same one I’m thinking of?” Ira gestured to Tolkien’s sign. “The same one that wrote The Lord of the Rings?”
Herron nodded his head slowly, not knowing why she was asking this.
Ira’s jaw was reaching for the ground. “How did I end up between them?
Herron smiled, now understanding her shock. “I suppose that’s just the way things turned out. Lewis and Tolkien aren’t here right now, though.”
Ira looked deflated. “Why ever not?”
Herron rubbed his chin. “I believe Tolkien took Lewis to his book, The Hobbit. Other authors can come into your book, but only if you invite them. Lewis and Tolkien are always book-hopping together.” 
“So,” Ira started another question and Herron sighed again. “If you have more than one book, they aren’t all in the same place?”
“Right. I believe you are standing by Tolkien’s book, The Children of T`uren. Lewis’s is The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”
Ira felt a chill run down her back. What if one of them asked her to come and visit their books? Ira could think of nothing more thrilling than that. “Do you know when they’ll be back?”
Herron shook his head. “I’m afraid not. They might go from The Hobbit to Great Expectations in a day.”
Ira snorted at the insanity of it all. “Now,” Herron said excitedly, “Would you care to come to your book?” 
Ira suddenly felt nervous. Would her characters like her? What of Lord Xavier? Would she meet him? Would Lady Bryce be as beautiful as she had envisioned? There was only one way to find out. Herron held out his hand to her and she took it. Only…there was one more question she had for her character. “Where are we in the book right now? As in chapters?”
Herron smiled boyishly. “This is the first time you have been here, so you are in Chapter I. If you choose to leave for some reason, the book will stop and then continue when you come back.” Herron’s smile widened. “I can’t wait to find out what adventure it is you’ve planned for me.”
Ira smiled back nervously. She had quite a few doubts about the “adventures” she had planned. After all, when she had written them, she hadn’t expected that she would be experiencing them first-hand. “Ready?” Asked Herron, eyebrows raised.
Author and main character then stepped across the borderline, walking into Chapter I of Ira Fitsgerald’s creation.  

I'll be posting my first hair tutorial tomorrow! At least...I'll try to. Not sure how the video is gonna work.

Until then, happy reading!

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