Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Fishtail Braid, and My Very First Toe Row

     It is time for my very first hair tutorial, and my first Toe Row!!! The fishtail braid is a cute, pretty way to fix your hair when you're in a rush; and it's one of my very favorite braids. So here's the video...enjoy!

(scroll down to see my first Toe Row...and to find out what a Toe Row is!)


     The Toe Row. My Daddy has always been coming up with names for different things. WHACKY names at that. When we would go camping, we (meaning the kids) would always beg him for one of his stories. He would tell us tons of creepy stories in the tent at night about Captain Jim Straider and his scaredy-cat sidekick, Jonathan. They would battle all sort of things...from Old Man Jessab's flying pumpkins to Doctor Lizardo's mutating leeches. Anyway, Daddy always called those stories Toe Rows. The name stuck and pretty soon, when we would be on the long drive to whatever state park we were camping at, we (again: meaning the kids) would bring notebooks and pens and all write our own Toe Rows.
     When we were done with them, we would pass them up front to my Mom and she would read them out loud and judge whose was best. We still have every single one of them ever written (trust me, there are ALOT), so I decided to share with you my very first one. Everything is spelled just the way I wrote it at the time, and I will give ya'll the date and my age.

March 28, 2003 - 7 years old

                                                   The Octopis

Now this is a troo story but I'm to tell you it. Down in the deep an octopis lie. Now a litle girl went in deep and never cam back. That story has ben around a long time I haft to go now by.


Perhaps it isn't the best thing I have ever written, but it's still pretty funny! I will be posting more Toe Rows that my siblings and I have written over the course of our many camping trips. I hope you enjoy them. Some are really good...and others...well, not so much.

I hope ya'll enjoyed this post, and come back to my blog next weekend! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but I have been crazy busy with school and lots of other things.

Well, I haft to go now by! ;)

<3 Clara


  1. Wow! What memories this post brings back! I love it and you, Clara! You are so talented and creative in so many ways, but especially with hair!

    Much love,

    1. I love you too Laura!!! But I didn't come up with the fishtail braid, you know... :)