Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sugar Plum Fairy Wands

    I have a special place in my heart for all things Nutcracker (since my parents were watching "The Nutcracker Prince" and they decided Clara would be a pretty name for me). Anyway, my wonderful brother and I were home yesterday and decided to make what we later dubbed, "Sugar Plum Fairy Wands". They turned out quite beautifully and yummy, so I decided to put the recipe up for them!

Don't they look pretty?

Okay, so what you do first is get 1 bag of stick pretzels.
#2, Get a box of CandiQuik vanilla
#3, Get some sprinkles the color of your choice! (Ian and I chose silver and gold, which was festive, but still very pretty)

Then all you have to do is melt the CandiQuik and dip the pretzels in it. (Ian spooned the candiquik up on the pretzels so you can get more yummy stuff!)

When they are sufficiantly dipped, sprinkle away and you have yourself some Sugar Plum Fairy Wands!! YUM!

We stuck them in the fridge for fifteen minutes and they were hardened perfectly after that time.

And that's that! So easy and so cute for a party or just for snacking on around the house.

    Leaving the Sugar Plum Fairy and moving to more important things....who went to see The Hobbit? What were your thoughts? Personally *i promise not to give any spoilers* I thought that they relied too much on CG and the Orcs and Goblins didn't look nearly as real as in the first three movies...which was okay I guess; I was slightly dissapointed in that. But the rest of it was wonderful. Richard Armitage was incredible (but I knew he would be), Martin Freeman was superb, and I cannot WAIT to see Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug and the Necromancer. He is perfect for both of those rolls.

Smaug had better not look like a cartoon, though. If he does, "I shall be most put out." (that's a quote from a movie...can you guess what it is?)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

<3 Clara


  1. It was incredible!! The extra stuff they wove in from the rest of the books was so beautifully done; I didn't mind the CG too much. Martin Freeman...I am so in love. And when they add Benedict Cumberbatch... *sigh*

    Princess Bride!!

  2. I LOOOVVEEED The Hobbit! But I agree, the animated orcs were a bit fake feeling. I did better with them the second time through. But the story was wonderfully put together, the actors were perfect, the scenery was sublime, and the elves...well, let's admit it. Tolkien's elves are about the coolest race of people ever invented. I simply adore the movie version of King Thranduil...utterly breathtaking. And it was really cool (albeit strange) to see elves performing normal tasks such as serving food and providing dinner music.
    Besides the elves, I considered the best scene in the movie to be with Gollum. Andy Serkus played him even better, if possible. And Martin Freeman was an absolute genius in his portrayal of Bilbo.
    Don't worry about what Smaug will look like, Clara. I read a newspaper article in which Peter Jackson was addressing such concerns. He talked about how modern cinematic dragons are tried so hard to be made original that they cease to look like dragons and look like space-age animals. He said that audiences are expecting a DRAGON, and a DRAGON is what they're going to get. (Not exact quote, but close.)

    I recognized your quote, but didn't place it until I saw Rachel's comment. :) I love Princess Bride!

    -Hannah, from Anne Elisabeth's blog

    1. Hannah- you become cooler every time we talk! I agree with every single thing you said, and that's very comforting what Peter Jackson said about Smaug. Thanks for yelling me! Did you know that you can find what you name is in Elvish? My name is Limwen. You should look yours up! It's lots of fun:)

  3. one can never go wrong with chocolate dipped pretzels ;)

    1. That is absolutely true, MissCandiquik! Thanks for commenting:)