Thursday, August 8, 2013

Four Books You Must Read

I'm so sorry for the delay in this post, but I have been very sick and I just started a brand new job...which left little time for blogging! But here I am, ready to delve into the discussion of wonderful books:)
 Many of my favorite books are not very well known, and I hope that you will look into some of these books after you read this post. 

 When I was around eleven  or twelve years old, my brother bought me a book for Christmas called, The Mistmantle Chronicles: Urchin of the Riding Stars by M. I. McCallister. I started to read it and was completely enthralled with its heroic and well-developed characters, its vicious and scheming villains, and its perfect, whimsical setting that made me feel as though I was there, helping the heroes defeat the evil tyrants. The magical island of Mistmantle and its inhabitants are forever engraved upon my heart and mind, and I will never, ever be too old for this series of books. This book truly is a timeless classic... and every character in it is an animal.  

I don't suppose many people wish to read a book where all the characters are either squirrels, otters, hedgehogs, or moles, but if you love fantasy and appreciate good writing, check out this book the next time you're at the Library. You certainly won't regret reading it!

Moving from a magical island to the enchanted manor of Moonacre, The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge is another book you don't want to miss. I was at Barnes and Noble and had a gift card, but I didn't see a book that I really wanted to get. And then I saw a cover that was a pretty unicorn trotting in a moonlit garden with a large manor in the background, and I knew I had to buy it. Imagine an orphaned young girl, a magical valley that holds many secrets, a large dog that is not what he seems, a wise black cat (who would fit perfectly in Rooglewood) and two warring clans, and you have a beautiful adventure that will leave you wanting more stories from Moonacre Valley.

Everything that Elizabeth Goudge writes is something that I want to own...she spins her tales in a way that is old and classic, but easy to read and completely new and simple.

Now, we all know and love, and I do mean L-O-V-E, Anne Elisabeth Stengl's outstanding series, so I don't think I need go into detail about her books. Just let it be known that her books are some of my very, very favorites:)

This next book is not one of my favorites, but it was probably the most unusual book I have ever read. It was funny and entertaining, and I do recommend it to all of you. This book is called, Wisdom's Kiss.

The reason this book is so unusual is because all you read through the whole book is a collection of letters to different characters of the book, and journal entries. But I wasn't bored one bit! It was funny, original, and very entertaining. Again: this is not a favorite of mine, but you might not have heard of it, and you just might like it!

Last, but definitely not least is The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gale Carson Levine. This story has everything you could possibly want in a book...adventure, magic, romance...those are the perfect ingredients for an exciting read!

Dragons, Sprites, and Wizards make this fairy tale one you do NOT want to miss.
And that's it for today! Those aren't all of my favorite books, but they are some that you might not have read. So next time your looking for a good book, remember the ones I have mentioned here today! Happy reading everyone:)

<3 Clara


  1. I like reading about squirrels, otters, and other animals! The Mistmantle Chronicles sound great! I'm just about to go to the library, and I'll see if they have them!

    I'm sorry you've been sick! :( That's a total bummer. What are you doing for your new job?

    Oh, and wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a Q/A post over on my blog. If you don't want to do it, just ignore the tag, but if you would like to participate, just copy the questions and answer them how you like! :)

    1. I really think you would love the Mistmantle Chronicles! I hope your library has them!

      As my new job I'm working as a companion to a blind lady. I read to her and talk to her...the Lord really blessed me because its the PERFECT job for me to have! And it gives me plenty of time to write!

      I would LOVE to participate in the Q/A post! I'm heading over to your blog right now...

  2. So sorry you were sick - lucky me, I had a sore throat and got over it in under a day!

    I agree with you about 'The Two Princesses of Barmarre'.
    I wish they would make a movie out of it - it would crush the box office, I swear.

    1. Hi Maiden G.! Thanks for stopping by:) It would TOTALLY crush the box office!! It sounds like you might be as crazy about movies as I am... :P

  3. Oh, I forgot to tell you! After this post, I went to the library and got the first two books of the Mistmantle Chronicles! They were SO wonderful! As an avid fan of Redwall, I loved returning to the world of animal heroes (even if there was no military hares, wot, wot)!

    One I really appreciated about the series that Redwall didn't have, was the faith to a Superior Being not just a hero of old. I also really liked how revenge was not championed, but setting things right and spreading love was.

    Thank you for recommending! Now I could just find the rest of the series...