Friday, August 9, 2013

Tag Time!

Hullo, my friends! Hannah over at The Writer's Window tagged me for a Q/A. Here are my answeres for the super fun questions!

1. If the main villain of your favorite book/movie/TV series showed up on your front doorstep, what would you do? (Explain who it is first...)

Well, my favorite villain is Loki, but I think he’s been done a few times already. So, I’ll go with my favorite TV series villain. His name is Michael. Misunderstood, and an outcast, he was originally a Wraith. But when the Stargate Atlantis team captures him and gives him an anit-virus to turn him human, it works, sufficiently erasing his memory while turning him human. The human Michael is kind, gentle, and very smart. But he knows that the people of Atlantis aren’t telling him something. When he finds out that he used to be a Wraith- a monster- he escapes Atlantis, and without the anti-virus, becomes a Wraith/human hybrid determined to rule the galaxy.

If he showed up on my doorstep? I’d run. Anywhere…he’s probably going to let an Iratus bug feed on me! Eeew!

2. Now supposing the heroes opposite this villain showed up just after your exchange. What would you do then?

Colonel Sheppard?! And Teyla and Ronon and McKay?! Squeeee!!!! After hugging Sheppard, I would hide between him and Ronon. There can’t be any safer place in the world than with those two.

3. So... moving on, the heroes defeat the villain (with some help from you, of course- whatever it may be. ;) But the next day, you're just walking along, minding your own business, when you suddenly come across the same villain... who is now lying in the dust severely wounded and unconscious. What do you do? 

Oh…Michael. Poor, misunderstood guy. I’d have to help him, of course. He always is kind to those who are kind to him…I’d try to help him in whatever way I could.

4. Now his minions show up and kidnap both you and him and take you to their universe (or version of your universe, whatever it happens to be.) Your reaction? 

I would be very scared to be in Michael’s clutches, but I would also be excited to be going to the Pegasus Galaxy! Maybe Michael will be nice to me since I helped him…I’ll just give him big puppy dog eyes.

5. Your fantastic heroes have arrived to rescue you- but now you're faced with a choice. The villain, out of gratitude for your earlier help, (assuming you actually did help him when he was wounded) has offered you a chance to travel back to your own universe. However, the heroes warn you not to trust him. The only other way for you to get back home is to travel with the heroes on a long and dangerous journey... and there's no guarantee that you'll survive.
What. Do. You. Do. 

Wow. That’s a tough one. If I go with Michael I may be able to talk him out of his evil plan. But, I would be passing up on an incredible adventure with the Atlantis team…and if I go with them, I’d probably run into Michael once again. What’s the harm in a little time away from home, anyway? Make some more room in the Puddle Jumper, guys! I’m comin’ with ya!

This was so much fun! So now, it's my turn to tag someone. I'm going to tag:
Victoria at The Golden Inkwell
And Amanda at An Ink-Made Maiden
If y'all don't want to participate, no worries! You don't have to if you don't want to:)

Happy reading, everyone!
<3 Clara


  1. You'd give him puppy dog eyes...adorable.

    I've never heard of this series before, but I enjoyed reading your answers!

    1. Lol. Thanks! Stargate Atlanis is a really good show if you like sci-fi:) Did you find Mistmantle at your library?

  2. Puppy dog eyes... yeah right, you saw what he did to Teyla, and SHE was nice to him. You would be Iratus-fied, Clara.

    Poor Michael... *Sniff*.... It's all Weir's fault. She twisted him by giving the order to do that to him - twice.
    Seriously? It didn't work the first time, and so now you decided to do it to him AGAIN plus a camp full of wraiths... smart, very smart. (Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble.)

    Great post!

    1. YAY!!! ANOTHER ATLANTIS FAN!!!! I agree with everything you said. YES is was Weir's fault! The Atlantis team is always so rediculously trusting of everyone, and then they are so mean to poor Michael. GAh..just thinking about it makes me mad:/

  3. You are so adorable :) I loved your answers, especially the last one!!

    1. Hee hee, thanks, Rachel! I SHOULD HAVE TAGGED YOU!!! I'm tagging you now:)

  4. I don't think I have a favorite villain. But the answer to all of these questions would probably be: SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!! Yeah, I might not handle it very well.

    1. Lol! You'd probably scare the villain away with your screaming!