Monday, September 30, 2013

Favorite Heroes: Part 2

Since there are so many cinematic heroes that I love (there are far too many favorite literary ones for me to even mention), I've decided to do a part two post about my favorite heroes. Goodness, I have so many favorites, I don't know if I can remember them all! Perhaps I'll be doing a part three in the future...

Again, they are in no specific order. (Except for the Doctor. He will always reign supreme.) 


Steven Waddington (you may recognize him from The Last of the Mohicans) plays Ivanhoe in my favorite adaptation of Sir Walter Scott's epic novel, IvanhoeThis particular version of Ivanhoe is a BBC miniseries, so it's a bit long. But you can watch it in segments if you want to, although I usually watch it straight through! It's probably my very favorite BBC movie, and I love Ivanhoe's honorable and brave character.
(The movie also has the amazing Robin Hood in it!!!)

John Sheppard

I love his sunglasses.

John is my ideal hero. Brave, sweet, a little cocky, sarcastic but not annoying, he is basically perfect. I only wish there were more seasons of Stargate Atlantis.

Samwise Gamgee

Sam is kind, brave, loyal, and just down right good. He's so sweet, you can't help but love him!
"Frodo wouldn't have got far without Sam."

Captain Jack Sparrow

What's not to love? He's witty, hilarious, and good (as good as he can be, anyway). Captain Jack is one of the most quotable characters since anyone in The Princess Bride, and he never fails to make me laugh.


I only just recently watched the movie Stardust, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It actually reminded me very much of The Princess Bride with its quirky characters and goofy jokes. Tristan was an excellent character. You couldn't help but like him! He's sweet, brave, a bit naive...and not the least bit cocky! Which, as much as I like the cocky characters, was quite refreshing.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is also one of my favorite literary heroes...I love him! And while I think Errol Flinn was the best Robin Hood, I also enjoyed Joe Armstrong from the BBC series.

Yes...even though this show was incredibly cheesy I never missed an episode. *blush*

I have many, many more favorite heroes (including everyone from the Lord of the Rings), but these are the first that came to mind.

Happy writing!

<3 Clara


  1. I have not seen Ivanhoe and Tristan, but I like all of the other heroes here. Sam is my favorite of these, he is such a fantastic character that is so likeable.
    I agree, Sheppard is a cool character. Ronon, Sheppard, and Rodney where my favorite characters of the series, although I liked most of them on the show.
    Captain Jack is hilarious! I'm glad Depp was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in the first Pirates movie.
    I actually watched that Robin Hood series when it aired a while back. Even though it was corny and the writing was lacking, the show was fun. Errol Flynn is my favorite Robin Hood though, Russell Crowe's portrayal was kind of disappointing.


    1. YAY!!! Most people I talk to didn't care for the Robin Hood series, but I enjoyed it. Like you said, it was fun. I didn't like Russell Crowe at all. He is the most non-Robin Hood person I have ever seen, and yet he played him! That movie could have been so good, but it was ruined with him. (I do like Russell Crowe, just not as Robin Hood.) If you do ever get the chance to see Ivanhoe, the guy who plays Robin Hood was VERY good even though he wasn't in it a whole lot.

      And I agree with you, everyone in Stargate Atlantis was wonderful. They were all excellent characters :)