Friday, September 13, 2013

Favorite Heroes

First of all, Benedict Cumberbatch has recently become one of my favorite villains (I was actually more on his side than Kirk's at some points of the movie) from the AMAZING movie, Star Trek Into Darkness.

He was amazing. Did I already say that?

Alright, here are my favorite heroes in no specific order.

Captain America is so honorable, kind, and just good. I love him because, while cocky characters are great fun and quite loveable, he is serious and sweet without a hint of pride. Steve Rodgers is my favorite superhero.

 Farimir does what's right in spite of his father's wishes and becomes a better man than his brother. He is my altime favorite character in The Lord of the Rings, and that has nothing to do with how handsome he is.
Well...that might not be entirely true :P

He's such a good character. I love him!

It's Han Solo. 'Nuff said.

Yes, he looks quite bizarre. In fact, he looks so bizarre I almost didn't watch the movie Alice in Wonderland. But I'm so glad I did. Johnny Depp (my favorite actor) gives such depth of emotion to the Mad Hatter, and he makes me want to watch the movie over and over again.

Now, for my final and very, very favorit hero. He is good and kind, and never thinks of himself. He loves adventure and would do anything for those he loves. He has all of space and  time at his fingertips and yet he is terribly lonely. He looks young, but has the eyes of one who has seen all the horrors of the world. I give you the crazy man in a blue box.

Bowties are cool.

So who are your favorite heroes? I'd love to know!

<3 Clara


  1. All of the characters you mentioned except for the Mad Hatter are among my favorites! And Han Solo, Captain American, Luke, and the Doctor are in my Top 10 favorite heroes, great list. Some of my other favorites are Samwise Gamgee, Tony Stark, Gandalf, Lelouch, and many others.


  2. I'm glad you like it:) I probably need to do a part 2 list, because there are so many other great heroes that keep coming to mind--Samwise Gamgee as one of them! Maybe I'll do that later this week.

  3. I'm in complete agreement with you on most of the characters on your list. Cumberbatch was amazing in Star Trek Into Darkness -- I can't wait to "hear" him in the Hobbit! :) Captain America is my favorite superhero. And Luke and Han Solo and The Doctor... well... have I expressed that I've always been in love with Sci-Fi?

    For the disagreements: Faramir is not as great as Aragorn in my opinion (nor as handsome, but many would argue against that ;). Since I haven't seen that Alice in Wonderland version, I don't have the credibility to comment on the Mad Hatter; but I think Johnny Depp would make a great villain... just like he can make a great hero.

    Overall, excellent post! I look forward to Part Two! Sam certainly should be in it!

    1. I know, Cumberbatch has the best possible voice for Smaug. And I can't wait to hear him as the Necromancer as well!

      I love sci-fi you can tell:P

      Farimir is just my personal favorite because of his character. Aragorn is very handsome and brave too, though:) I understand why you like him!

  4. I love tons of heroes! Heroes in general are just around awesome! I'll confine this to cinematic heroes since my literary heroes are too numerous to mention. Favorite hero? Legolas. Very much so. But pretty much ALL the heroes in Lord of the Rings are of top quality.

    While I was still into Star Wars (Clone Wars, specifically) I was huge on Captain Rex and you need only say his name to make me all geeky.

    And I can't wait for King of Mirkwood and Bard in this upcoming Hobbit movie...

    1. Yeah, there are WAY too many literary heroes for me to possibly do a post on them!

      And Captain Rex is very cool:D