Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Favorite Villains

I just got finished watching Thor: The Dark World trailer for the thousandth time and am more excited about it than ever. The best thing about it is Loki. He's probably one of my altime favorite characters ever created, and Tom Hiddleston plays the part to perfection. While my favorite superhero is Captain America, (he is just so honorable and good) my favorite character with superpowers is Loki, although his powers are more on the magic side. I really, really hope he turns good in this movie...and maybe he's going to be a little attracted to Jane? That would make the movie even better!

I've noticed a theme in some of my favorite characters...they always tend to be the bad guys. So, I thought I would tell all of you who my favorite villains are.

 I love Erik from The Phantom of the Opera
  No...I don't like him just because Gerard Butler plays him in the movie.

I've already talked about how much I LOVE Loki.

Tom Hiddleston is one of the best.

Michael from Stargate: Atlantis

The Atlantis team really messed up with him...they captured him, lied to him, and were mean to him...and then they did it all over again! Shame on you Dr. Weir!

I even like Anakin Skywalker despite Hayden Christensen's dreadful acting.

He did improve in Episode III.

So who are some of your favorite characters who are villains? Please tell me in the comments, I'd love to know!

Next post I'll say who my favorite heroes are:)

<3 Clara


  1. Yay! Captain America is you favorite super-hero!

    Ha, ha, you make me laugh, Clara. I admit, I would like to see Loki do something heroic, but he's selfish to the bone. Whatever he does, it will be for his benefit. Sorry. :/ It's funny how many people adore Loki! I personally can't, though I do admire his witty villainousness.

    I do indeed pity some of the villains you've listed here, but some of them end up committing such heinous acts, that I cannot like them.

    However, I do understand why you like tortured characters. We girls have hearts that instantly reach out to a wounded thing (wet kittens, abandoned puppies, etc.). It's rather natural that we should feel the same about people. But some guys can't be fixed, and even if they can, it's often a bad idea for a girl to try (think Padmae).

    Some of my favorite characters are the tortured guys who do not become the villain but a hero greater than before! Like Etanun (oh, be still my heart) and Eugenides. Both these guys went through terrible experiences and could have brooded and sulked over it till they became villains themselves (Etanun especially). Instead, they put aside their past mistakes and tragedies and embraced the future with nobility and love to their enemies. It's astounding and inspiring.

    I'll think you'll really enjoy Errance, whenever you read Moonscript. He's been in the presence of villains long enough, to have a pretty dark air about him at first. But of course, he's hurting terribly. And I don't think it's too big of a spoiler to say that everything turns out well in the end. :)

    I enjoyed the post, Clara! Sorry if you felt like I was preaching! Heh, heh. :)

    Oh and please, tell me you've read Dragonwitch. Then you'll know why I adore Etanun.

    1. Lol! You weren't preaching! I can tell I will love Errance...maybe you could put up a snippet of your book with Errance in it? Please?

      I haven't read Dragonwitch yet because I have this weird thing about attempting to win a book before I buy it...and win it I did!!! Anne Elisabeth will be sending it to me shortly:)

    2. Squeal! You won Dragonwitch! I can't wait to hear what you think of it! And just so you know, Loki IS actually one of my favorite movie villains. ;)

    3. Good! He is amazing...and I'm not the usual crazy fan-girl type:)

    4. You're not alone. He's developed quite a fan club. :O

  2. Loki is actually one of my favorite characters of all-time also, and Captain American is my favorite superhero (and has been for a long time).

    After Darth Vader, Loki is my favorite villain by far. He has such complexity to his character.

    I agree, Mitch was a great villain in SGA.

    Although I do like Anakin Skywalker as a character to a point, but Darth Vader in the original trilogy is a far better character in my opinion.


    1. It's good to know someone else likes Loki as much as I do! Without him, Thor and The Avengers wouldn't have been nearly as good.

      Darth Vader is definitely better than Anakin. I just could hardly watch Episode II for his horrible acting! But, he grew on me in Episode III.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. OMG I had no idea Gerard Butler was Phantom...scary...

    1. Have you STILL not seen that?! We need to have a movie day. Savvy?