Friday, September 20, 2013

The Darling Dog

I realize that I have been remiss in introducing you all to one of my most adorable family members. Since I haven't acknowledged him on this blog, he has become a bit upset. He wants to be admired and adored like a proper prince, so I decided to give him the chance to be admired. I give you Samwise the Brave.

No. I do not mean this Samwise the Brave:

I mean this Samwise the Brave.

Sam has been my precious prince since I was eight years old...we got him from the pound and he has been part of the family ever since! He thinks he is very handsome, and I agree with him:)

Most of the time Sam is usually inside lounging upon a bed or asking for a treat, but on hot summer days he has been known to wear a turban. See here: 

Isn't he precious?!

Sam also likes to dress up with scarves once in a while.

But he doesn't always play dress up. Most of the time he is guarding the house.

One time he even chased down a coyote to protect me!

On Sunday afternoons he likes to sit on the front porch with the rest of us while we drink tea and coffee.

Sam: "May I have some of that yummy smelling tea? Please?"

But he can get frustrated with us sometimes. Usually, he gets upset with us when it's late at night and we won't turn the light off. But instead of getting too upset with us, he just fixes the problem.

He has covered his head up when tired on many occasions.

But most of the time he just sleeps with his head uncovered.

Samwise has a wonderful life. It's full of adventure (he charged a goat today!), it's full of treats, it's full of camping, it's full of car rides and hugs and kisses. There was never a dog with a more loving nature and calm spirit. He is truly a Darling Dog!

<3 Clara 


  1. Those are funny pictures. lol Dogs are great, I love dogs. :) It is funny, my dog Chipper is terrified cameras, he runs away as soon as I try to take pictures of him.


    1. Chipper is such a great name for a dog! Dogs are wonderful. And that's funny that Chipper doesn't like cameras:) If a camera is out around my house, Sam is right in front of it, posing.

      Just curious, what kind of dog do you have?

    2. I named him after my favorite baseball player, Chipper Jones. :)

      Chipper is a stray mutt that I found at my friend's house when some stray dog had some pups there. Because of that I am not entirely sure what his breed is. He is definitely part chow and lab, but after that it could be just about anything.
      My other dog, Susie, is half Labrador and Basset Hound, which is a funny combination since she is like a short legged lab with a big head.


    3. Oh, ok! Susie sounds really cute:)

  2. Awww! What a darling, indeed! I love the name you gave him! And he chased down a coyote to protect you? Chased down or chased away? What exactly happened there?

    1. Well, Sam tells the story a little differently than I do. It was late one night, and I was in my room doing homework. I heard Sam bark on the porch, but thought nothing of it. Then, I heard him bark again, but this time he sounded far away, and his bark was high pitched and scared sounding. I jumped up and looked out my window (there's a door in my room leading from my room to the front porch) and I saw Sam way out in the dark woods under our lamp post, tail tucked between his legs and shaking while a large wolfish dog stalked towards him. I ran to the living room screaming to my Dad that a Sam was in trouble. He jumped up and the both of us ran outside as fast as we could. As I got closer, the creature that was stalking him looked up at me and I saw that it was a coyote. It turned and slinked off before I could really get a good look at it.

      Sam turned around and looked at me, and then looked back to see that the coyote had gone. He couldn't let it get away! So he charged after it, plunging deeper into the woods leaving me screaming after him. I couldn't see a thing but finally I saw a little white shape and knew that it was Sam. I scooped him up and felt that his little body was trembling, and walked back inside our house. He stayed close to me the whole rest of the evening.

      The next morning, I was getting breakfast when Sam started barking, and as I looked outside our windows, I saw the coyote looking at us from the woods. It ran away again. That night, my Dad and I stalked around the perimiter of our house, me wielding a flash light and Daddy a gun. We didn't see it, but a cat DID jump on me and scared me to death.

      I was so scared for little Sam. I had prayed that if Sam was in any kind of trouble that I would somehow know it and be able to help him. Well, the next afternoon I let Sam outside. Then I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and raced outside just as Sam started barking. He was under our back porch and as slid underneath to grab him, I saw the coyote curled up in the dirt. Sam was backing up towards me, growling. I grabbed him and put him inside.

      The coyote was still alive when it was under the back porch, but just barely. By the time my Dad got home it was already dead with no wounds of any kind. Daddy says I prayed it to death! :P And that's how the story ends!

      Sam likes to portray himself as the one who saved ME...but don't tell him I told it to you the proper way;)

    2. Wow! What a story! I'm glad everything turned out well! Sam's such a cutie. And I'll keep you in mind when I need some fearsome prayer. ;)

  3. Hi! I was hoping to ask you a question I had about your dog. If you could email me that would be awesome!